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Guthrie to apply hardship application for Simek

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Throughout lat week’s appeal process at the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association, it was mentioned on numerous times by the OSSAA Board of Directors that the Simek family had done no wrong in their move to Guthrie from Prague.

So in return, a hardship waiver will be submitted by Guthrie Public Schools on Monday morning in hopes of allowing Clint Simek to suit up once again for the rest of the football season.

The OSSAA ruled that the Simek family never made a bona fide move from Prague, and that Clint Simek was ineligible for the remainder of the football season. The board voted 10-0 to deny the Simek appeal and forcing the senior to the sideline.

According to the Simek’s family attorney George Freedman, a student can file a hardship exception application based on nine possible criteria, and according to The Oklahoman’s findings, it is explained as “Any other circumstance beyond the control of the student which creates an unavoidable hardship for that student.”

The Simek family and the school will ask that the OSSAA issue a decision on Wednesday, or before so that he can play in this week’s second round playoff game with Tulsa East Central.

The staff of the OSSAA will consider the hardship exemption and not the board of directors.

“I can report the Simek’s are thankful to Guthrie Public Schools for submitting this request on behalf of Clint, and extremely grateful to the Guthrie community that has embraced their family through this difficult ordeal,” Freedman said.

OSSAA board members recognized the family did no wrong, but insisted Guthrie made mistakes (with paper work) resulting in the player sitting out. Guthrie administration admitted there were clerical errors made.

The OSSAA received an anonymous letter on October 19th that sparked the investigation of the Simek’s living in Guthrie, and having a family member living in the previous home in Prague, that remains currently up for sale.

Simek, who along with his two brothers, mother and father spoke at the appeal meeting, played in the first eight games of the season for the BlueJays while sitting out the last three games, including last week’s 53-7 win over Durant.

In the eight games played, Simek collected 15 passes for 205 yards and three touchdowns while playing tight end and receiver. On defense, he has collected 13 tackles and two sacks.

“The Simek’s are also encouraged by public and private comments from OSSAA finding that they have done nothing wrong which would seem to support a hardship exemption in Clint’s case,” Freedman concluded with in a statement.

  1. Joel Rutherford
    November 14, 2011 at 9:20 am

    That’s the only decision that would make sense – let the boy play! Everyone admits he has done nothing wrong, yet he is the person paying the price.

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