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Guthrie Football known for on and off the field success

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The Guthrie Football program has enjoyed state-wide success on and off the field for the past 10 seasons.

Hot Dogs await the BlueJays prior to the Meet the Jays 2010.

The most notable references to the success has been the 2002 and 2007 state championships along with numerous post season wins, but head coach Rafe Watkins is quick to share the success with The Guthrie Football Booster Club .

The booster club, who serves both the high school and junior high, has become one of the elite in the state according to opposing coaching staffs and schools that the Jays play on Friday nights. In fact, it goes beyond just opponents with others learning just exactly what the booster club in Guthrie has become.

Many have learned the booster club not only feeds varsity players, coaches and trainers after every game and scrimmage with items such as pizza and hamburgers, but they feed the 7th, 8th, 9th and junior varsity teams after each of their games. That goes for home and away games. The club has taken it a step further from time-to-time by feeding the opposing teams.

“We want our athletes to feel special and take pride in where they are from and how they perform,” current booster club President Merritt Roberts said. “The support the booster club gives them by providing post game meals, as well as local churches and Stables providing pregame meals, is what makes our program the envy of many schools across the state.”

Outside of providing meals, the club has been able to raise money for practice equipment, technology items and whatever the team needs to operate at the level they need to be. This is what the booster club is looking to continue to do.

“The more parents and fans we have join the booster club the easier this effort becomes,” Roberts said as he explained the club spends about $7,000 per season in providing post game meals alone.

The annual dues are $25 for an individual, or $40 for a family and this year are providing a Guthrie BlueJay decal with a paid membership.

Roberts said there will be a membership booth at the Junior High equipment check-out on August 8th and 9th and at the Meet the Jays on August 12th. The next scheduled booster club meeting will be August 8th, at 6:00 pm, at Guthrie High School.

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