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Curbside Recycling being investigated in Guthrie

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The City of Guthrie is currently investigating the possibility of offering curb-side recycling through the City’s solid waste provider, Waste Connections. Waste Connections is offering a unique recycling program called Recyclebank.

Customers earn RecycleBank Points for recycling efforts. The more you recycle, the more RecycleBank Points you earn. Each pound of recyclables is equal to 2.5 points, and the average reward is 50-100 points. On average, a family earns $20 in discounts and rewards each month.

View Recyclebank website.

RecycleBank is a loyalty and rewards program that motivates households to recycle. If the program is implemented, citizens will receive a large 95-gallon wheeled recycling cart equipped with an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag. The RFID tag has a unique number and will associate a cart to a specific address. Citizens would place all of their recyclables (no more sorting) in the cart. The trucks have been retrofitted to read the ID tag, weigh the recyclables and transmit this information to the personal RecycleBank.com Account, where RecycleBank Points are earned.

An average recycler has the ability to earn and redeem hundreds of dollars worth of rewards and discounts at local and national businesses each year. Currently, RecycleBank has more than 2000 local and national reward partners dedicated to its mission to encourage communities and households to recycle. Local reward partners will include businesses located right within the City of Guthrie and the immediate surrounding area. National partners include McDonalds, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Coca Cola, Old Navy, Kohls, AMC Theaters, pharmacies, Target and hundreds more.

Another potential benefit about implementing the RecycleBank Service is that RecycleBank Reward Partners can be local City of Guthrie businesses. Being a partner will give the local businesses free advertising on the RecycleBank Website. The only cost to the vendor is the value of the reward.

The following is a list of materials that are accepted with the RecycleBank Service Program:

Corrugated cardboard steel cans, glass (food containers) clear & colored aluminum cans, chip board – cereal, pop, shoe, boxes etc. clean aluminum foil, newspapers, magazines junk mail and phone books and other light-colored papers plastics.

The cost of the program is estimated at $4.55 per month and would be applied to all residential customers in the City.

The program has already been discussed with the City Council and Citizens Rate and Fee Advisory Committee. These governing bodies felt that the program had enough merit to take to the general public to get feedback.

A Town Hall meeting was held on June 2 and the participants were surveyed after they saw the RecycleBank presentation. 85% of survey respondents support the implementation of this program and 70% see the program as a way to lower their monthly utility burden (despite the $4.55 fee), due to the value of the rewards.

There will be another town hall meeting on the subject on July 7, at 6:00 pm in the City Council Chambers. All residents are encouraged to come and provide input on whether or not the program should be implemented and be heard.

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