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Tornado takes home, looters take the rest

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Story submitted by Kim Querry on KFOR.com on Friday, May 27th.

During tragic times, we always see the good in Oklahomans. Sadly, there are a few who take advantage of bad situations. A Guthrie woman says for her, life went from bad to worse.

First, a tornado stole her home and nearly everything inside.

What Mother Nature left behind, she says, looters took.

“My back was to the wall and I just felt all this debris flying behind me and it ripped the blanket I had around me, ripped it off,” Heather Woody said.

The Guthrie woman says when she emerged from the small cabinet that kept her safe during the storm, the home around her was gone.

“It’s still shocking. It’s hitting me like a ton of bricks as the days go by.”

Just as shocking, Woody says looters have victimized her a second time.

“I had a Eureka bottle, $100 worth of change in there. They physically moved a wall to get. They stole my microwave, a bug light from outside.”

Woody says looters have added insult to injury.

“Just uneasy. Just knowing that a stranger is coming through and thinks they have a right to what used to be a home and steal stuff,” Woody said.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Department says it has beefed up security in the area.

All days off have been cancelled.

Deputies are patrolling the area around the clock.

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