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Guthrie clinic destroyed for a 3rd time

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Story submitted by Kim Querry on KFOR.com on Wednesday, May 25th.

Guthrie also was hit by a monster tornado that came from Piedmont, and residents are picking up the pieces today.

Guthrie was hit hard around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday night with multiple houses being destroyed, along with trees and power lines being snapped from the air.

For the Cross Town Veterinary Services clinic, the experience was nothing new. This is the third time the clinic has been hit by a tornado.

“Surely it couldn’t happen three times in a row. I knocked on wood, but it must have been the wrong wood,” said Dr. Bertrand.

He says they didn’t have time to go home, so he took cover in the clinic with his wife and daughter.

“Next thing we knew, we heard something like a train. We jumped into the kennel where we keep the dogs, and it proceeded to blow everything away.”

The doctor said the family’s experience with previous tornadoes proved to be their saving grace.

“This is the only room of the clinic that has lasted through all three tornadoes.”

The clinic was hit three times by a tornado, but the house across the street survived all three times. It is a hard reality for Dr. Bertrand to understand, but it is taken in stride when realizing what’s important.

“We had a couple of goats get hurt, some broken legs, but everything else was just fine. We feel real lucky.”

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