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Animal shelter takes a hit

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The Guthrie Animal Shelter was part of the destruction of Tuesday’s tornado that hit the western and northern parts of Guthrie.

The office building that housed the office and cat room was leveled and at last report the shelter could not find four cats of the 63 animals that were housed at the time of the twister.

The dog kennels roof is damaged, but is still standing. The shelter continues to ask for adoptions of their animals.

If you, or anyone is willing to take in some animals until future decisions on made on what to do about the shelter you can call at 405-282-1776.

The shelter is located at 415 West Commerce Blvd which is four miles west of Highway 33 and Interstate 35 on the North side of the road. You will see a sign and will turn right and the shelter is 200 yards on the left.

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  1. June 27, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    Hopefully you’ll find those missing animals as soon as possible. Good thing that the roof is still there, as it can be used as temporary shelter for the animals. Looking forward to your recovery.

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