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Proposed Viaduct Replacement Expected to Provide Better Transportation During Flood Events

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The City of Guthrie shared this article about providing better transportation during flood events with this proposed viaduct replacement. For more information, or have questions please visit the City of Guthrie’s website.

The City of Guthrie met recently with officials from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to begin tentative planning of logistics to replace the Viaduct Bridge over Cottonwood Creek on HWY 33 just west of the downtown area. The current 2-lane bridge will eventually be replaced with a 4-lane bridge. Construction to replace the bridge is anticipated to begin in 2013, but right-of-way and utility projects are slated to start in 2011.

The plans currently propose that the Viaduct Bridge will be replaced in two phases; one half at a time. Once completed, the new bridge is projected to be approximately 10 feet higher than the existing bridge to meet the required railroad track clearance and offset to the south. The bridge will extend from 1st Street to just east of 7th Street, but the raised slope of the highway will extend west past the middle of the block between 11th and 12th Streets. This should keep transportation open during most flood events between the east and west side of Guthrie. Plans currently include new, permanent road closures, as a result of the larger area the bridge will cover at 2nd Street, 6th Street and 7th Street. At 5th Street there will be access to the north side of Noble where one can travel the service road to the first full intersection west of the new bridge at 8th Street.

The City currently has construction activity in the Cottonwood Flats area resulting from our CMOM (sanitary sewer) project. The City of Guthrie has provided ODOT sanitary sewer plans so they can be incorporated into the bridge construction project plans. Period street lighting (similar to the historic lighting we have in the downtown area) is being considered into the project plans across the bridge.
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