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Guthrie to consider budget in the future

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Following was published on KFOR on March 23rd.

City leaders with Guthrie are planning on coming together to discuss what needs to be done with the current fiscal year budget.

Officials say that while it is still early, they are half-way through the current fiscal year and want to start planning for the 2012 budget. It may be unnecessary to do a full strategic planning session, but leaders might consider going on a retreat to update their goals for the next year.

City leaders say they anticipate to budget flat sales tax growth based on this year’s actual returns.

This year, the sales tax is slightly higher than budget projections, but officials say some of the money that was coming in from the railroad will not be available this next year.

Officials with the City of Guthrie say sales tax numbers are right in line with where they need it to be.

This month, the sales tax deposit was $300,630 compared to the $268,221 that was deposited this time last year. Officials say despite the increase in funds, it is actually a drop of 11% from the deposit in 2009.

The city has almost reached the half-way point of the fiscal year and the sales tax collection is roughly $1.8 million.

The City of Guthrie has also received a $1.5 million grant. Authorities say the money will now allow them to deal with infrastructure funding issues.

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