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Bluejay Pride Begins Olympic Wrestling Season

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Bluejay Pride Wrestling is beginning the Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling season this week. The program is known statewide and nationally for its great success in the Olympic wrestling styles, and is the hub for AAU Team Oklahoma Wrestling under the leadership of Amateur Athletic Union State Wrestling Director Brian Orndorff.

The program boasts 16 of the state programs 31 National Champions, all 6 of its World Champions, and ten-fold the number of National and World Championship Placers. The state team holds 1 national championship trophy and 2 national runner-up trophies from 2006 to 2009, since Orndorff took leadership of the program.

In addition to the Young Bluejay Pride Wrestlers currently on the team, applications will be accepted for enrollment to the team beginning immediately. Young athletes and their families will be interviewed, then potentially chosen to participate with the wrestling team.

“This is not an in-depth interview, it is simply a way for us to limit the numbers in the private club by determining how an individual and their family fit within our team,” noted Coach Orndorff, “Discipline, sportsmanship, family support and involvement, as well as a few other virtues are very important to us when it comes to this program.”

The group will practice each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 at the Bluejay Pride Gym, 223 S. Cedar, in Guthrie.

For more information, or to apply for membership, contact Brian Orndorff at 405-503-1626 or orndorff@bluejaywrestling.us, or simply visit the gym on one of these weeknights between the hours of 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

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