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Guthrie Schools on schedule to dismiss on time

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Despite missing seven snow days this far into the 2010-2011 school year, Guthrie Public Schools are still on schedule to end school on the original date of May 27th.
“At our sites we go an extended amount of time per day and even though we have missed seven snow days, if things stay as they are and we miss no future days, it looks like we can simply go those three days, that are built into our school calendar, and we can possibly end school on the 27th of May,” Guthrie Public School Superintendent Terry Simpson said in a phone interview.
The superintendent’s report is subject to be reviewed by the of State Department of Education next week when they have their accreditation visit. The school board would then vote to approve in the March 14th regular scheduled meeting.
“At the beginning of each year, each school has to declare whether if they are either hours or days and we always declare hours for this very reason,” Simpson said. “We have a little longer instructional time then probably most schools do and those add up over time.”
The state Education Department requires that students are in school for 175 days each school year. As of last year, districts could also have students in school for fewer days as long as they are in school for 1,080 hours.
Simpson thought they may have needed to increase the class room time at Cotteral Elementary, but says at this time he believes they will not have to do that. However, if they do, it would be just a minimal amount of minutes per day.
Simpson made the decision for the school board to wait until the March scheduled meeting to officially vote on his report and to wait out the hard to forecast Oklahoma weather.
“I felt it was premature in February to jump out here and make a correction when we still got a length amount of time where we can still have more snow,” Simpson said.
Edmond Public Schools just announced that they will tack 40 minutes onto the school day and have students in class for four additional days under a plan to make up the eight days of school missed due to weather so far this winter according to NewsOk.
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