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Simpson says lottery commercials are misleading

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Did you vote for the Oklahoma lottery? Would you change your vote if you knew now what you may have not of known then?
Oklahoma television commercials have shown lottery money helping schools with such things like text books and computers. However, Guthrie Public Schools Superintendent Terry Simpson says the commercials are “misleading” for his district and all other Oklahoma school districts.
Only 35 percent of total lottery revenues go to education – the rest goes toward prizes and administrative costs.
For more on this story view KWTV’s video report that includes an interview with Simpson.
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  1. Trey
    February 11, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Does this come to some big shocker to Simpson, seriously??? It’s only about a 38 state lottery that gives away on average 50-75 million in prizes and the 35% is divided among all the school districts in the 38 states!! And this doesn’t even include the DEEEEEP pockets of the IRS that need to be filled. Did he expect a $1,000,000 check to walk to the Guthrie School System each month/year? In all actuality, if people look at the big picture, the effect the lottery has on schools is going to be very little unless they raise the price of lottery tickets because the costs needed for education increase every year just like everything else. I don’t think the commercials are as “misleading” as the level of naivety of the viewer of said commercials.

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