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Guthrie athletes take on Otter Camp

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The Guthrie Junior High Lady Jays may be on a holiday break from basketball games, but that does not necessary mean work-outs have stop.

Pictured with Jason Otter (L to R) are Jillian Chappell, Kamber Smedley, Brooke Black, Lexi Hastings, and Micayla Haynes.

The Lady Jays recently attended the Jason Otter School of Basketball Camp on December 19th in Rockwall, Texas. The one-day camp was a gruelling seven hour, high intensity work out and learning session. 

Jason Otter, who is widely consulted by the top Division I and High School coaches in the country, hosts NBA top 100 camps across the country is known all over the world for his legendary ball handling, explosive moves and foot speed instruction.

Otter worked with the Guthrie athlete’s specifically in ball handling and foot speed drills. Although the work was very hard the girls had a great time and learned a lot in just an afternoon of basketball.

The Junior High girls teams are coached by Stephanie Smith and return back to game action on January 4th when they take on the El Reno Indians.

  1. Terry
    December 27, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    They suck!!!!! they need practice!!!

    • Randy
      February 10, 2011 at 9:13 pm

      Excuse me Terry, they do practice and since they finished second in class for their first year together as a team I do not think they “suck” as you so childishly stated. Just shows that you are another uneducated moron speaking out before he knows the facts.

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