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Chappell turns the switch on and off

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If you ever walked by Landry Chappell in the school hallways, at church, or around town you would never think he was so darn mean.

Landry Chappell is again near the tops in the state when it comes to tackles. Photo By: Michael Mayberry

It must be something in that Guthrie football helmet that switches Chappell into one of the shy guy’s behind the scene’s into one of the state’s hardest hitting defenders.

Opposing full backs don’t like the idea of a lead play, running backs think twice about going over the guard, and receivers don’t get to excited about a slant across the middle. Why? They know there is a Chappell lurking somewhere.

The junior has been the center piece for defensive coordinator Kelly Beeby’s stingy defense. The Jays have been one of the elite defense’s in the state and Chappell has a lot to do with that.

A season ago, Chappell piled up 170 tackles and seven sacks as a sophomore and is on pace this season to put up the same type numbers. Thus far in his junior campaign he has gathered 104 tackles, three sacks, four tackles for loss, has caused three fumbles, and has nine quarterback hurries.

In last week’s game against Carl Albert when the elite come out, Chappell piled up 12 solo tackles and finished with 18 total tackles to go with one sack in the 32-14 win.

Both Chappell and Beeby give the defensive line a lot of credit for the success of Chappell, but its a strategy that works for the defensive line as well knowing Chappell will be where ever the football is and clean the play up.

Even Chappell’s own teammates know not to wake the sleeping giant at practices. At times a teammate may sneak up and “get one” on Chappell in a drill, or when the offense works against the scout defense, but in return they know paybacks are a bummer when dealing with Chappell. Well, in some cases the bummer is a dizzy sky when looking up from the ground.

At BlueJay practices and film studies, Chappell, a 215 pound-force on the wrestling mat, leads not only in tackles, but oo’s and ah’s with his ability to strike and hit hard.

Its fun to watch Chappell everywhere he goes on the field, but he’s also a model citizen off the field.

Just know if he has his helmet on, or off.

Listen to Chappell’s Player Spotlight: Landry Chappell

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